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Low- / Mid-Gain Overdrive

The Boneflower is a double pedal: Behind the overdrive, a switchable booster that can also be used as a stand-alone boost follows.
To ensure a high degree of transparency and headroom, it is running at 18V. For more variability, a treble control has also been integrated.

Pre- and post-gain controls are well known from amplifiers. The same principle has been integrated into the Boneflower. This is the first possibility to influence the gain structures - independent of the actual gain pot. The higher the setting of the pre-gain ("Pre"), the faster more distortion is achieved. The lower the setting the longer the pedal stays clean even at high output volumes ("Master").

To allow the widest possible range of gain textures, the Boneflower has a "texture" control. With this, different diode clippings are mixed together. This is the second possibility to influence the distortion. Last but not least the Boneflower has of course a classic "Gain" pot.

Like almost all Ground FX pedals, the Boneflower is also perfectly suited for bass tones. Due to the transparency, the basic character of basses and bass amplifiers is preserved.


Low- / Mid-gain overdrive
Pregain (Pre) & mastervolume (Master)
Tone stack: bass, treble
Clipping blend (SI <> GE diodes) (Texture)
Boost with treble control (only in big enclosure)
Soft-touch switch, relay true bypass
9V DC, 2,1mm, center negative
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